There is a ridiculous amount of musical talent in the Twin Cities

Vocals by Allison M. O’Keefe.
Additional vocals written and performed by Jerrald Dyon Spencer & Joseph Finnegan.
Written by Allison O’Keefe, Eric Foret, & Megan Hamilton.
Recorded by Megan Hamilton & Andre Mariette.
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Megan Hamilton.
Samples include those from Moon Boots “Allison - Peanut Butter (Remix)”, Lauryn Hill’s “Too Good”, Lana Del Ray’s “Yayo”, Britney Spears “Tik Tik Boom”.

Wrecking your diet, one night at a time | Strength & Science

T Nation | In Defense of CrossFit


This guy. is awesome.

Menage Quad - Good Thing. Check ‘em out!

Red Hook Criterium 2014 - Manual for Speed

This race is so awesome

"Not all who wander are lost"

"Not all who wander are lost"

Birthday weekend - Seven Lions concert April 25th @ First Ave!







Government, Monty Python Style

Still brilliantly funny all these years later.


whenever i find monty python casually just on my dashboard i just blinka  few times and then get super fucking excited because i don’t see them as much as i’d like to on tumblr

i’ve been waiting for this gifset my whole life

he must be a king….why is that? he hasn’t got shit all over him.

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It’s a good day. Menage Quad is at the top of my soundcloud playlist again.

Frozen - the hardcore metal version

Are you a beer?

Are you a beer?